Who I Am


In 2003 I attended the “Clownesco character studio” at the Atelier Physical Theatre (Clown and Physical Theatre School) with Philip Radice for 3 months.

In 2005 I graduated from the National Academy of Comedians Turin (three-year course).

I also participated in the following workshops:


  • Workshop on “Depressing Comicality” with Leonardo Manera
  • Workshop on “Aggressive Comicality” with Flavio Oreglio
  • Workshop on “Theatre Improvisation” with Roberto Zunino (L.I.I.T. of Turin)
  • Workshop regarding “Interpretation of a Comical Draft” with Federico Bianco
  • Workshop regarding “Writing a Comical Draft” with Cesare Vodani


  • Workshop regarding “Illusions in Stand-up Comedy” with Raul Cremona
  • Workshop regarding “Physicality in Comic Performances” with Stefano Chiodaroli
  • Workshop regarding “Improvisation Techniques” with Philip Radice c/o Atelier Physical Theater
  • Workshop regarding “Musical Improvisation” with Marco Bigi (L.I.I.T. of Milan)
  • Workshop on “Mise en espace” with Brunella Andreoli


  • Workshop regarding “Political Satire and Satire in General” with Teo Guadalupi
  • Workshop regarding “Conception and Creation of a Comic Text” with Cesare Gallarini
  • Workshop regarding “How to get Through the Evening… Alive!” with Dado Tedeschi
  • Workshop regarding “The Structure of a Comical Text” with Federico Andreotti
  • Workshop regarding “Playing with Words” with Eros Drusiani


  • Workshop regarding “Comedy with Simple Language” with Dario Vergassola
  • Workshop regarding “Forms and Chemistry in the Idea of Comicality” with Paolo Migone
  • Workshop regarding “Comical Creativity” with Bruno Nataloni
  • From June 4th to the 11th CLOWN MASTERCLASS 2005 with Jango Edwards & Peter Ercolano


  • Workshop regarding “Finding your Interior Clown” with Gerardo Mele


  • Workshop regarding “Performance Dynamics” with Johnny Melville
  • Workshop regarding “Theatre Items” with Martina Soragna and Matteo Cionini


  • Workshop on “The Art of Being on Stage” with Gerardo Mele


My theatrical debut took place on June 21 1997 in “Le pillole d’Ercole”. Later, I was entrusted with increasingly more important roles, acting in the following comical plays:

  • “Always tell him, yes” (“Ditegli sempre di sì”) by Eduardo De Filippo
  • “It’s not true, but I believe in it” (“Non è vero, ma ci credo”) by Eduardo De Filippo
  • “There are two possibilities” (“I casi sono due”) by Armando Curcio
  • “Man and gentleman” (“Uomo e galantuomo”) by Eduardo De Filippo
  • “Only in the best families” (“Nelle migliori famiglie”) by Hart & Braddel
  • “A letter to mommy” (“La lettera by mammà”) by Peppino De Filippo
  • “These darn ghosts” (“Questi fantasmi”) by Eduardo De Filippo

In total 34 performances, premieres and reruns: in Imperia, Taranto and Pioltello (Milan).

[2003-2005] “CASTING” Comical theatrical representation – as main character – directed by Philip Radice. In total 18 performances

[2006] “PICASSO SLEPT HERE’“ Comical theatrical representation – as the co-star – directed Stefano Genovese. In total 6 performances

[2007] “UN MATRIMONIO PERFETTO’“ Comical theatrical representation – as the co-star – directed Stefano Genovese. In total 6 performances

[2015-16] “LA SANTA COPPIA’“ Comical theatrical representation – as the handyman – directed by Cristian Messina. In total 16 performances


Singing actor in the following musicals:

[2006] “TWO SONS OF A …” – in the role of LOWRENCE – directed by Stefano Genovese

[2006] “MARY POPPINS” – in the role of JANE (The little girl) – directed by Stefano Genovese

[2006] “AVENUE Q” – in the role of BRIAN – directed by Stefano Genovese

[2007] “HAIRSPRAY” – in the role of EDNA TURNBLADE – directed by Stefano Genovese


I had my debut in stand-up comedy on Wednesday 10th of April 2002 at the CAB41 with the monologue: “Yeah, about women…” (“Eh, le donne…”).

Since then, many other characters were born through monologues and visual-comedy acts. Some of these characters are:

  • THE WIZARD OF CANOSA; an internet magician jokes and plot-twists…
  • Sargent major Flavio RANDAZZO; a very determined Sargent who knows exactly… what he wants!
  • DEAD MAN; a lost soul who tries to communicate from the underworld.

and the many clowns:

  • MASTICE; a motorcycle bum who’s on the prowl of a hot chick.
  • GIALLORENZO; a naive, shy and a bit paranoid boy. He is against all forms of racism, especially against that regarding… colour, and he lives a conflicted existence due to an overprotective mother.
  • The ASTRONAUT; a wretched but proud “hero” who fights his humanity to survive.


[2004] – Finalist in the 8th “Comunque Anomali” (Turin): classified 3rd

[2005] – Finalist in the 9th “Comunque Anomali” (Turin): classified 2nd

[2007] – Finalist in the 2nd “SorridiDomaniAndràPeggio TOUR”: 2007 Originality prize

[2007] – Finalist in the 11th “Comunque Anomali” (Turin): CLASSIFIED 1st+Audience’s choice award

[2008] – Finalist in the 3rd “Premio NEBBIA” (Milan): classified 2nd

[2008] – Finalist in the 10th Competition of Montelvini DOC (Treviso): CLASSIFIED 1st

[2008] – Finalist in the 2nd “Festival Jonica” (Matera): 2nd classified

[2008] – Finalist in the 3rd “SorridiDomaniAndràPeggio TOUR”: Best Comedian of the tour prize

[2008] – Finalist in the 2nd “Kettiridi” of Avigliana (Turin): CLASSIFIED 1st

[2009] – Finalist in the 16th “Cabaret Champions League BRAVOGRAZIE”: classified 4th


[2004] “SIAMO AVANTI” – 6 episodes on the air on VideoGruppo (Piemontese broadcasting station)

[2006] “BRAVOGRAZIE” – 1 episode on the air on RAI DUE – 13th March 2006

[2007] “CULTURA MODERNA” – 1 episode on the air on CANALE 5 – 14th July 2007

[2008] “VIVERE” Fiction – 1 episode on the air on CANALE 5 – March 2008

[2008] “CO.CO.COMICI or C’E’ POSTO PER ME?” – 9 episodes on the air on ODEON TV

[2009] “BRAVOGRAZIE” – 2 episodes on the air on SKY UNO – 27th February and 1st March 2009

[2010] “CHECK IN” – 2 episodes on the air on RAI UNO – January 5th and 12th 2010

[2010] “I RACCOMANDATI” – Debut episode 2010 edition on RAI UNO – January 8th 2010

[2010] “PAPERISSIMA” – Debut episode 2010 edition on CANALE 5 – December 15th 2010

[2011] “SATURDAY NIGHT LIVE” – 7 episodes on ITALIA 1 – April/May 2011

[2011] “ZELIG OFF” – 4 episodes (2011 edition) on ITALIA 1 – November/December 2011

[2012] “ZELIG ARCIMBOLDI” – 2 episodes (2012 edition) on CANALE 5 – January/April 2012

[2012] “ZELIG OFF” – 1 episode as guest-star (2012 edition) on ITALIA 1 – October 2012

[2013] “FUORI CLASSE 2” Fiction – 1 episode on RAI UNO – March 2014

[2013-14] “ZELIG ONE” – 6 episodes on ITALIA 1 – December 2013/ January 2014

[2014] “QUESTO NOSTRO AMORE 70” Fiction – 1 episode on RAI UNO – October 2014

[2014] “UNA GRANDE FAMIGLIA 3” Fiction – 1 episode on RAI UNO – April 2015


[2007] Main character in the advert “Soul-Mate” (“Anima Gemella”) – directed by: Michele Mortara. On air from August to September 2007 – Mediaset network

[2008] Main character in the advert “The designated driver” (“Guidatore designato”) – directed by: Michele Mortara. On air in October 2008 in cinemas and on web


[2006] Voice of some characters in the cartoon episodes of CATTIVIK.


[2005] Film “SONO TORNATO AL NORD” as the character GIANPAOLO PAUTASSO.
Directed by: Franco Diaferia

[2005] Short film “HOT CAR”. In the role of Paola’s boyfriend.
with EDOARDO SALA (“Il servo ungherese” – movie), DANIELA FAZZOLARI (“Centovetrine” – Tv), Paola Maccario (“Harry meets Sally” – Theatr version)
Directed by: Federico Lagna; Screenplay: Joe Vignola

[2005] DVD “I CORTI DI GABRIELE CIRILLI “. Various roles.
Directed by: Federico Lagna

[2006] Short film “BIANCO NATALE”. As agent SGRULLO.
Directed by: Mirko Urania; Screenplay: Joe Vignola

[2015] Film “ITALIANO MEDIO”. in the role of one of the trolley-car passengers.
Directed by: Maccio Capatonda


[2004] “EXCUSE MY EXISTENCE!” (“SCUSATE SE ESISTO”) stand-up show.
Directed by: Francesco Damiano.

“Incredible monologues, multifaceted, clown. Cynical but poetical.”

In these shows I “explore my… private intimacy” by talking about myself and my status of single white male, then I become and a famous astrologist and tarot card reader who is known for my incredible “guessing” capacity. This show has been defined as a real Mini-variety show in itself.

Hundreds of performances.

[2015] “EX-IT” comical theatre and stand-up show.
Directed by Bruno Furnari.

“It’s the story of a traveller who has left for a long journey to a far off planet which just happens to be the EARTH! The traveller bumps into HUMANITY and begins to explore this strange concept in and out from and extra-terrestrial point of view. who are we really? Are we really us? or are we them? An unprecedented discovery  will carry the audience to reflect on the fact that nothing is what it seems, but everything is wht it is, so what will happen now? Facts about humanity will be revealed therefore about how cruel and self-distructive we really are as a people. Using various comical techniques and elements (such as visual-comedy, thatre items, physical elements, jokes and situation humor), I show the audience what is really the only true reason for humanity: whatever gives us WONDER!

Up till now 7 shows… work in progress.

[2017] “COSMIKISSIMO” a Visual Comedy show (silent comedy and phisical theatre).
Directed by Luca Regina.

“On the 22th of February 2017 N.A.S.A officially discloses the finding of 7 Earth-like planets.
Only one man will be sent in space to look for alien life-forms. It will be a very long, probably one-way journey.
A real “cosmi-Komical” odyssey in space, during which anything and everything happens: laughs, unreal situations and a final message of hope which comes directly from space.
The only show on Earth that can truly answer the question “are we alone in this Universe?”

For now, 2 previews. Work in progress.


Laughter is mental sneeze that can liberate the mind - S. Freud