On the 22th of February 2017 N.A.S.A officially discloses the discovery of 7 Earth-like planets. Only one man will be sent in space to look for alien life-forms. It will be a very long, probably one-way journey. A real “cosmi-Komical” odyssey in space, during which anything and everything happens: laughs, surreal situations and a final message of hope which comes directly from outer space.
The only show in the world that can truly answer the question “are we alone in this Universe?”


  • theatral version 55’/65′
  • street version 30’/40′

techincal sheet:

  • standard whitewash stage lighting
  • possibility of lighting the audience area with par light or follow spot
  • 1 profile spot (on a side of the stage)
  • 2 black side-stage scenery flats
  • 1 sound and light mixer
  • 1 sound and light techincal (for more info contact me)

Video Promo